The Artist known as "Geenoe" was born in Southside Minneapolis, Minnesota & was later raised in Plymouth, Minnesota, a suburb not to far from the heart of the Twin Cities. Growing up in this area he had to quickly learn to adapt to his environment & the people surrounding him. He had to master the ability of reaching out & connecting with people older than himself. Geenoe's family history & background is deeply rooted in music & this is where he draws from his eternal desires almost like it's instinct. And when he was the young age of 10 he actually started writing poetry & as you can imagine it grew into a passion for words & rhyme.

As his appreciation for that style of written word grew he began to fall more & more in love with the craft. He began to journey into the musical realm where he stumbled upon rock n roll legends like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, & powerful bands like Pink Floyd & Aerosmith along with so many others that became his immediate inspiration to step fully into music. His love for music started to grow & so did the sounds he was attracted to & he soon found himself in love with many genres of music including HipHop. It was the hard beats & lyrical stories that were being told by some of HipHop's greatest Rappers like Tupac Eminem & Nas as well many others, they had that element of having been through struggle & similar pains. Those HipHop bangers mixed with them old rock n roll classics became his inspiration to start creating his own sound that automatically connected him emotionally to his fans through his life experiences. His main goal was & is to connect everyone with his music no matter who they are inside & out. It's became the core reason he pursues this dream & journey called music. It's also the reason his name has been popping up so frequently in so many different musical circles. He has created his own brand from a simple idea of connecting to the universe & it is the embodiment of Geenoe's way of life. It is called "10:13". Well, What does it mean? It's everything, everywhere... it's a thought, it's a idea, it's the number, it's the image, it's a calling to let his fans know they are supporting something more than just an individual but a actual movement of energy.

As his career moves towards greatness & success builds. He honors & dedicates each one of his accomplishments to his amazing & supportive family as well as all of his fans, without them he would be nothing. Geenoe has proven time & time again he is Dedicated & Motivated as an Artist & after plenty of mistakes & failed ventures with other musical situations that he wholeheartedly believed in, turned out to be unfruitful. He has learned from those mistakes & taken those lesson as constructive adjustments & because of those experiences it's made him into the Artist so many people have grown to love today. His fans find them selfs relating to Him on many different levels, they can appreciate & relate to his unorthodox mind set & musical genius. His ideology & stoners only mentality is attractive to his listeners by using his mellow delivery with his cool vibe & calm real lyrics. This is why His outlook on life is welcomed & accepted by everyone with an open mind & the ability to understand.

As we all do in life, during his career & the evolution with his music went through plenty of ups & downs. With that said he now believes he has finally found his home with The Highly Respectable Tattoo Muzik Group aka #TMG. It's a powerful group of Artist full of motivation, dedication, & inspiration. They are not like any other entity in the industry. Definitely not ran like a Record Label but a very Successful & well oiled musical organization. They not only appreciate but encourage individuality & artistic expression as well as artist input on everything done from beginning to end. It's a family atmosphere full of people that love to bring something different to the table & then collectively create an energy that can't be matched by anyone. And that's why he feels so at home.

Geenoe has started to develop into the artist he was meant to be. His role in TMG is simply to be that smooth stoner with a lot of greatness to give back to the world. He is undeniably one of the biggest pot heads anyone has ever seen, he literally smokes all the time. With that being said His first solo mixtape project was 'Stoners Only' (available now on SoundCloud) instantly became an underground classic with thousands of downloads & streams. It actually put Plymouth Minnesota on the radar as a great place to smoke large amounts of great marijuana while listening to awesome music. Since then he has managed to embrace his inner hippy along with everyone else that lives through his music, now he has the whole world wanting more Stoner frequencies. So He is currently in the TMG studio working tirelessly on his highly anticipated debut release of his EP album called 'Herbs n Oil' which will be an evolved version of everything he has been through. And is set to drop fall of 2017. It includes some sick features from All the TMG Artist as well as being Exclusively produced by TMG & NBH Producer: Kemikal. Just let it be known we are boldly going where no Stoner has gone before!

The love he has for his family, music, & everyone around him including his fans is unconditional & is transcended through his lyrics & songs. He lives for his family & music. And his love is forever.

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