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2018 Native American Music Award Winner for 'Best Dance Song' for his Lyrical & HipHop contribution to 'Going Back to My Roots' a Record by Legendary Disco Singer & Original VP Native Felipe Rose. 2018 Indigenous Music Awards Nominee For Best HipHop Album of the Year in Canada, He is Now a 9x Native American Music Awards Nominee & 2017 Native American Award Winner for 'Best Hip Hop Album Of The Year' for his 4th Studio Album 'The 7th Generation Prophecy' .

StenJoddi is an enrolled member of the Mvskoke Creek Nation Tribe of Oklahoma. He is one of the most prolific Underground Native HipHop Artist out today. StenJoddi became a fan of music early in his childhood he was influenced by the Rock & Roll & Country Music constantly being played from his Mother & Fathers home & car stereos, you know, being raised in Oklahoma. But by the age of 10/11 yrs old  the music that truly caught his attention was HipHop, the struggle, the stories, the beats, the fashion, the art, just the culture as a whole totally hooked young Joddi with the first tape cassette played. He couldn't believe that he finally found something he could relate to, being a city raised Native aka 'Urban Native', the lyrics the MC's on the tapes were spittin' seemed a whole lot more relatable than the country & rock music he was raised on.

Soon after that he began to created a burning desire within himself to craft his own lyrics & style. StenJoddi soon found himself writing & spittin' his own dope lyrics to hiphop beats. Using his clever wordplay, his storytelling abilities, along with his effortless flow & distinct tone he started to amaze & later as he elevated his craft he really started to set himself apart from his musical peers & other rappers around him, as well as the crowded up internet full of so called "rap" artists becoming YouTube famous nation wide. Even more importantly, StenJoddi has combined his Native Culture & his love for the HipHop culture to give a Voice to a unique struggle, an untold story that HipHop & America has actually been blind to for a very long time...growing up & surviving as a Native!!!

In past years StenJoddi has been breaking Native Stereotypes left & right by making his mark in the Hip-Hop Community. With his countless release of singles & Mixtapes on SoundCloud. Joddi has gained a steady following of fans that love his outlook on life and music.  'TattooMuzik2' was his debut studio album produced by ShawkCityBeats back in 2013 & since has gotten huge recognition from underground critics & fans nation wide. His 2nd full length studio album 'TattooMuzik3' was released in 2015 & has become an instant Classic everywhere it's heard. The album also has some of the sickest features from some of the dopest artist & producers in the underground industry. His 3rd studio album 'Concrete Warrior' was released in early 2016 is most likely his most upfront album, not only because of his lyrics but because it absolutely has no Features of any other rappers, it does feature a singer 'Harley Love' on one very personal record called 'I'm a Loser' which hits home with a lot of his fans. The album is full of Truth & Substance & has little wiggle room on what StenJoddi stands for. It speaks on religious views, political & social views, & he talks about the idea & the struggles behind the journey for success, this album is produced by some of the best producers He's ever had the pleasure of working with. But don't take my word for it go grab All three of these albums today, they are all available on iTunes now. 

2016/2017: As the #StandingRock #NoDAPL situation grew & gained awareness & momentum StenJoddi found himself very personally, spiritually, & emotionally engulfed in the situation. As should everyone that's concerned about Mother Earth especially Indigenous People world wide by seeing the devastating atrocities happening to Sacred Lands & Water Protectors on the front lines. The brutality of the Militarized Police Force against Water Protectors is & was a travesty. It is now the fighting force in a spiritual awakening & guidance in his music & his everyday life. Both the prophecies tell us of a time when the Sacred Hoop is broken & the Youth start rising up against the Oppressors & against the Black Snake entity & that all Nations will come & stand together in solidarity to bring the Sacred Hoop back together & kill the Black Snake. And That time has come. It is also the motivational drive that brings the #Truth2TheYouth in His Award Winning Album 'The #7thGeneration Prophecy' now available everywhere Online. It is quite possibly the most powerful & epic album he has ever recorded. It pushes the boundaries & speaks on a lot of touchy subjects including a lot of Native related issues some may not agree with him on some subjects or may not want to talk about certain subjects but he adresses them either way. It gives everyone listening a Native perspective to the way today's society views indigenous peoples, their rights, their sovereignty & how that effects everyone spiritually, economically, & environmentally. The Album has features from some of the dopest Native HipHop Artist in the game: Joey Stylez, Chase Manhattan, Nataanii Means, Thomas X, Baby Shel, Poz Lyrix, Tall Paul, & MikeBone...& is produced by some of the most incredible producers to ever make a beat like Native Keyz & Adrian Harjo who are both featured on the album. its Available now.

2018: StenJoddi has released his 5th studio album 'The Singles' a therapeutic album for Joddi after the loss of his mother in March of 2017 its very Vibed Out and has lots of emotion in it. He has released 3 TMG Official Music Videos from the album officially shot by fellow Iowa Videographer & Rapper Beezy Tha Real.Videos include the singles 'Big Dreams' , 'My Mommas Song' , & 'Just Talkin That' which are getting rave reviews all over social network as some of StenJoddi's Dopest Work yet. Another single on the album '2AM' made it to #5 for 3 consecutive months on the Indigenous Music Countdown. TMG is anticipating another Award Nomination & hopefully another win with this one.

StenJoddi comes from a difficult background, raised in Oklahoma then moving from place to place not really having a steady home after he was 16. His life of hardships & mistakes seemed normal to him for a long time. Some were environmental & circumstantial others were personal choices. Overcoming those odds were an achievement itself & because of that his fans can relate to him on many different levels. He's survived domestic violence & a abusive childhood, a life in the streets, time in jail, a suicide attempt, & addiction to drugs & alcohol.

There are 3 major reasons why he was able to over come these obstacles & they are as followed....

1: His Re-Connection to the Creator & the Earth  

2: His passion for Tattoos & Music

3: His Family

Family is the most important one of all, the love for his Family is something that he hold very close to his heart & his core morals & beliefs. He has always had a passion for music drawing ever since he was a kid, now years later He is an Entrepreneur & Business Owner & Operator of His own Tattoo Shop & Recording Studio. He is a Seasoned & Accomplished Tattoo Artist of over 11 years. He now Lives in Mason City, Iowa along with his Wife & 4 children. At this point in his Life & Career he is able to reach out to Youth & Communities everywhere & especially Native Communities & Native Youth with his Positive Music & Message. Being a Father of five he has turned his focused on helping the younger generation by mentoring & speaking with them & being an Example by showing them that someone like them can SUCCEED. That they to can manifest & create their own positive avenues of success. Show them that they can Achieve in Today's World & Society while still staying true to their roots, traditions, & culture. He is motivating the youth with his POWERFUL message with his no nonsense approach, no sugar coating, no pretend pipe dream fairy-tales spun by a great fictional storyteller, trying to play the Victim. Nope not Joddi his story is just Real Life Experiences on how to RISE above the circumstances with Self Empowerment of Knowledge & HONOR for ones self. He Speaks on work ethic & applying yourself & Staying away from the negativity like negative People, Drugs, Alcohol, & Gangs. His ability to capture the attention of a room full of youth & give them positive motivation, encouragement, inspiration & boost their confidence is amazing watch & even Adults may learn something. He makes sure to let them know that they are Loved Not Alone & They do have self worth & that they can do anything they want as long as they work hard, dedicate ones self & never stop pushing to be the best human they can be. 

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